This tale has been bouncing around in my head for more than three decades.

After writing about the Fool solving enchantments and bewitchments, and then plotting the misadventures of a number 3 trapped in the land of letters, it was high time to tackle my once and future novel.

Here’s Chapter One: Elder and Spice. I hope you enjoy it.

Reader Comments

I just read the first chapter of Craftpuppet, and I’m hooked. You’ve created a world I can’t wait to explore further. I hope that eventually there will be a bound version I can hold in my hands and read with my feet up and a large cup of tea beside my comfy chair. — Cynthia

Wow! That is one helluva chapter! It’s exciting; it creates a world with lots of places, characters, and things to explore; it has a variety of characters including someone to root for; and there are mysteries to solve and questions that need answers.

Congratulations on a major rewrite and an exciting book! — Lynn

I read the first chapter 3 times. It’s a fantastic start to an intriguing story. It moves at a pleasant pace while planting the seeds of further adventures. The characters are a nice mix of the fantastic and yet still engaging. Cliff has set a challenge to his creative side and shows ample ability to craft a narrative that equals his other creations. I won’t say too much more and I won’t post any spoilers. Judge for yourself and I guarantee you won’t disappointed! —  Chuck