Read Chapter One - Spirit Moon

This tale has been bouncing around in my head for more than three decades.

After writing about the Fool solving enchantments and bewitchments, and then plotting the misadventures of a number 3 trapped in the land of letters, it was high time to tackle my once and future novel.

In October 2016, I stopped writing altogether and reorganized my extensive notes. This process led me to the conclusion that I had to change the entire structure of the story.

So if you read the old chapter, Birth Beacon, this Chapter One is completely different.

I encourage you to read it.

Reader Comments

I just read the first chapter of Craftpuppet, and I’m hooked. You’ve created a world I can’t wait to explore further. I hope that eventually there will be a bound version I can hold in my hands and read with my feet up and a large cup of tea beside my comfy chair. — Cynthia

Wow! That is one helluva chapter! It’s exciting; it creates a world with lots of places, characters, and things to explore; it has a variety of characters including someone to root for; and there are mysteries to solve and questions that need answers.

Congratulations on a major rewrite and an exciting book! — Lynn

I read the first chapter 3 times. It’s a fantastic start to an intriguing story. It moves at a pleasant pace while planting the seeds of further adventures. The characters are a nice mix of the fantastic and yet still engaging. Cliff has set a challenge to his creative side and shows ample ability to craft a narrative that equals his other creations. I won’t say too much more and I won’t post any spoilers. Judge for yourself and I guarantee you won’t disappointed! —  Chuck