One day in Corporate America, a freak power surge zaps the number 3 off her cozy spreadsheet home and into the heart of the computer where numbers don’t count and the letters spell disaster.

1991 MacUser - Game of the Year
1990 MacWorld - Game Hall of Fame
1991 GAMES Magazine - Best Puzzle
Riddle by David Wood

Much has been written about the origin of The Fool’s Errand, but not of 3 in Three.

The story came first, rather quickly in fact. Being a fan of Monty Python and of the animations of the Canadian Film Board, the idea was inevitable. A number 3 is stranded inside an old color Mac and must find her way back to her spreadsheet while avoiding three antagonists: the misfit vowels, the irrational pi symbol, and the anti-virus robot.

Another consideration in telling this particular story was to employ an art direction that was lavish, yet didn’t consume a lot of storage space. 1989 was pre-CD-ROM and 800K discs were the standard. Hard to imagine, I know.

At the time, the Mac system included a QuickDraw language which had a handy toolbox of geometric routines. So I decided to develop my own companion language that combined the tricks of QuickDraw with some specialized routines of my own, which could draw images dynamically without bitmaps. The color blended backgrounds. The cartoon dialogue balloons. The elevator lifts and other mechanical devices. Plotting elaborate curves so that the 3 could hop along in her signature manner. And plotting the eerie movement of the anti-virus robot.

The Prologue demonstrates these techniques in action.