Once upon a time, there was almost The Fool’s Errand CD-ROM in color.

In 1990, poised on the cusp of there being both Mac SEs in black-and-white (512 x 342 resolution) and Mac IIs in color (640 x 480 resolution), I decided to create this product for a 512 x 342 window and enlarge the images in Photoshop for the Mac II.

To accomodate both 2-color black-and-white and 256 colors, Brad drew the silhouettes using only black-and-white pixels, and then I colorized the silhouettes using the same color blending techinques that I had developed for 3 in Three.

Alas, the project was abandoned. But the extraordinary work of Brad Peter Parker is timeless.

For those who know The Fool’s Errand well, note that the final 14 Treasures have changed. In fact, I bent over backwards to change all the answers of every puzzle in the game.

I felt it only fair that if I was going to coerce players into purchasing a new version, I would need all-new answers as well as several new types of puzzles.

And unlike the original, each story segment would have its own puzzle. Plus, the story segments would be appear in their correct order, the same way they appear on The Fool and his Money.