Does The Fool and his Money run on Mac OS 10.12?

Yes, it does.

The workaround is included in the Installation instructions.

The cause of the problem is explained in Troubleshooting.

Does The Fool and his Money run on Mac OS 10.13?

No, it doesn’t.

Apple only allows 64-bit applications now.

Someday, there’ll be a Mini vMac solution for this, I presume.

Are you going to convert any of your games to operate on mobile devices or Steam?

“Not I,” said the brown cow.

I have no desire to expend the time, energy, and money to do the same thing twice.

I’ve received dozens of e-mails, requesting if they could port my classic games for me.

The answer is no. Absolutely under no circumstances. Please stop writing me.

I like my classic games the way they are.

Are you going to complete the trilogy with The Fool’s Paradise?

Both The Fool’s Errand and The Fool and his Money are complete stories unto themselves.

However, the stage is set for The Fool’s Paradise. The Fool is at last freed from the task of undoing the enchantments and bewitchments of the Land. He is now an ordinary Tom Fool. He buys himself a new hat and a long smock, and with his recently acquired Tarot deck, he sets himself up as a fortune teller, for he has earned the gift of prophecy as well as the gift of wisdom.

The Star would be his advisor, and Tom Fool is given the Star’s Map.

You’ve talked about 3’s a Crowd and 3’s the Charm as sequels to 3 in Three. What about it?

The dilemma with designing those games is the conflict between people’s expectations and what I want to do.

Folks have told me about their ideas: the 3 on the Internet, the 3 inside video games, and of course, the 3 in 3-D.

See, I fancy the 3 being still being stuck inside that same old-fashioned Macintosh.

Well, are you planning to do these games?

Magic Eight-Ball says, “Outlook not so good.”

Are you ever going to do another treasure hunt like the one you did for David Blaine?

As a matter of fact, I did.

Visit The Astana Challenge.

I hear you’re writing a novel. When will it be finished?

No man can say.

Visit CRAFTPUPPET and read the first chapter.