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The Forgotten Game God

Lost in the mix of the such classic gaming legends Will Wright and Sid Meiers was Cliff Johnson, one of the best game designers of the late 1980s. Cliff created award-winning puzzle games for the Macintosh and and in many ways the forefathers for modern puzzle games.

His most popular and beloved were The Fool’s Errand, At the Carnival, and 3 in Three. All three games feature simple yet striking graphics, original puzzles, and a central storyline. I have many friends who almost failed out of college playing these games and they just as much fun today as they were back when I was in college.

Though random chance I was surprised to discover that only does Cliff have a great website with new puzzles, but you can download and play all three of these games for free!

The Fool’s Errand is probably the hardest of the three.

At the Carnival has the most interesting setting (classic amusement park rides).

3 in Three has the funniest story: the number 3 escapes a spreadsheet looking for freedom.

If you like puzzle games definitely give these a try, they play great on modern systems and the graphics still look good to this day. You can download these games, free of charge, at Johnson’s webite.